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Related post: Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 12:54:36 -0800 (PST) From: Jeff Exilimar Subject: Outcasts - Part 1 Mike Wilkins hated preteen art nymph school. Every day he went and between every class he was harassed and teased and made to feel miserable. Not that he was small, as a junior he stands xpreteen six foot five and weighed 225 pounds, but he was outnumbered. Not that he was bad hot preteens sex looking, what with sandy blond hair and a Robert Redford-ish (when young) cast to his face, but he was an unknown. Mid-year transfers into elite private high schools are just regarded as the lowest form of life on campus. He usually took lunch swedish preteen bikini far in the corners of campus, hoping to buy a moment of peace, but this Friday, pics forum preteens knowing he had a four-day 14 years preteen weekend coming up and a month of frustration inside he opted to eat in the cafeteria. That, and it was raining. Hard. He strode into the cafeteria, unfamiliar with the seating, but looked for a table reserved for outcasts... like him. Sitting in a preteen nude modies corner table, near tori model preteen some janitorial supplies, was a girl pre teens nymphes eating alone. Five foot six, maybe with a 30C chest, fairly slim, with long dark hair and wire-rimmed glasses. Gazes from the more populated tables said he'd not be tolerated, so he made his way video preteens sex to the girl's table. He sat preteens have sex down across trade preteen pics from her and opened his old-fashioned lunch pail. He opened his sandwich, took a bite, a breath, and said "Hi." The girl jumped as if she'd been shocked, spilling a bit of the milk she'd been holding onto the table. "What?" "Hi.", Mike said. "Oh, uh, hi." Awkward pause. "My name is Mike." "I know." "And your name is?" She looked at him as if he was crazy. "Like you don't know." "I don't." "Everyone does." preteen xxx pictures "I'm loving proof of that statement's hopeless invalidity." Mike said with sexy preteen nudity mock gravity. The girl laughed, nervously. "Ok, I guess. I'm Ellen. Ellen Dorsey." "Well Ellen, I guess it's us outcasts here. I'm a mid-year transfer here victoria preteen model to snob city, what are you in for?" Ellen looked uncomfortable, shifting in her seat, as if she was going to run. Mike reached across the table and patted her hand. "If you don't want rompl ped preteen to talk about it, it's ok." "Thanks. Maybe I'll tell you. Later.", Ellen said with relief. "I just want to have, I dunno, a normal lunch preteens porn private I guess. girlish preteens nudes It's precious here." "Right. Well, would you like to hear about me?" pre teen pitures "Sure! I'd topless preteen angels like that." Mike described how his mom had died when he was young, and his father was in the military. His dad transferred to this city, and deemed Mike could take care of himself so took a second job and enjoyed a social life. By using some 'disadvantage kids' waiver Mike was able to be admitted to the private high school, but his military brat background ill prepared him for the backstabbing nature of most of the children of the privileged, but he had essentially a whole house to preteen videos himself. The school's buzzer rang, marking the end of lunch period, startling Mark and Ellen. Ellen said goodbye and quickly left. Mark gathered up the trash and took it to the cans. As he crossed preteen gay sucking the floor, numerous people were staring at him with looks of shock, surprise, and incredulity. Mark didn't know why, but he swore he wouldn't give up his new (and only) friend because of what these people thought. No matter what secret or trauma Ellen was hiding, three months of irrational contempt by the student body against him (and probably her) was now in his mind far worse. The final three periods of classes blew by for Mark, except the five minutes of stares and quiet whispers between class. As the final showstars preteen nude bell rang, he spontaneously decided to find Ellen and invite asian preteen thumbs her over. Moving at a quick pace he headed through the student gates and saw her getting into a dusty but nice '93 Skylark. Running as real virgin preteens fast as he could, he got to her car just as she was backing up. He motioned for her banned russian preteens to roll down her window. "Want... to... come over..." he panted. "What?" "Geez, you ask real illegal preteen that a lot.", hairless preteen nude he grinned lopsidedly at her as he gathered preteen nymphets com his breath. "Want to come over? You seem to need company, and lord knows X-Box Live isn't a fit social life for me dvd shop preteen or anyone else." Ellen seemed to think about this for a while. Then quietly, almost imperceptibly she said, "Get in." Mark ran to the passenger side and got in and quickly gave her instructions to his house. Getting there quickly, preteen dark Mark unlocked the door and invited Ellen in. She stepped through the door slowly, and made her way to the couch and preteen 12y sat down. Mark asked if Ellen would like anything, which she refused. Mark plopped down on the love seat acorner from the sofa and looked over at Ellen. Ellen 3d adult preteen took a deep breath preteens free sample and then held up her key chain. "Do you know what this is?" "It looks like one of those First-Alert things. 'Help! I've fallen and can't get up!'" Ellen smiled. "Yeah. This one can track me anywhere within ten miles of my house. If you'd like, preteens models childs I'll tell you my story, but I'm keeping my finger on this button." "Why?" "Because I can't believe that I can have a friend if they know about me, but I've also never had the chance to tell someone before the jerks we go to school got to them." "Can it be that bad?" "You have no idea. If you're offended, well I'm sorry I didn't say no to lunch today. It all started..." Ellen recounted how her father had beaten her mom when she was young. Finally her preteen cunt videos dad left with someone younger, completely trashing mom's self image. Thinking all men were pigs, she vowed to do something about it. Her mom scoured the 'net and gathered the ingredients she needed, and began dosing her five year old son with a concoction of powerful drugs x amateurpreteen model and hormones. No child of hers would grow up preteen nympho nude to be an evil preteens giving head man. When preteen boys erection Ellen was seven, her mom was found out and committed. Ellen's father renounced this freak-child she'd become by then, and doctors told her and the guardians that she would always have to take the concoction, or some elements of it or she'd get worse. Her guardians, especially after she hit jessithekid pre teen puberty, were not very considerate of this child, so she spent as preteen models extreme much art bbs preteen time away from home as she could. When she entered preteen bbs com the high school on a similar waiver as his, the gym teacher made her change in the room with the dorki pic preteen others and her secret was out. A lawsuit let her have some independence, but school preteengirls nude pics and society was a horror. Mike sat there stunned looking at preteens porn movies the top preteen galleries girl in front of him in tears. He knew that if this story was true, he could never feel sorry for his own situation ever again, not that was a loss. "Wow. I'm just... naked preteen pedo um... wow... stunned." "You aren't mad or anything?" "Oh, if this had happened preteen blonde model anywhere else, I'd at least had been upset, but I hate the banned preteen hardcore others at school so... no, not really. A little incredulous, but this school takes preteen beastiality bbs itself way, way too seriously. So, I guess I think I'd like to remain your friend, really." Ellen let out the breath she'd been holding. "Wow. That's nice. If you don't believe me, I can give you the case number as you can preteens porn images look it up on Lexus Nexus, or..." "Or?" "I could show you, if you aren't too freaked out..." "Oh. Well, it would be quicker than waiting until hitting the computer lab Wednesday..." Ellen smiled and stood up. "No one's coming home?" "Pop's in Washington for military nasty preteen babes parade and review." "Good." Ellen unbuttoned her blouse and bra revealing her firm rounded breasts. Quite sizable for a natural shemale, Mike supposed, probably due to the hormones throughout puberty. Ellen noticed Mike's stare. "Guys really do like boobs, huh?" "Huh? Oh, yeah." "Well they don't preteen hot fuck much care for this, teen gallery preteen and I hope mom likes that asylum." Ellen tugged down her jeans and sure enough, Mike noticed an incongruous bulge where one shouldn't be on a sixteen-year-old girl. After kicking new model preteen out of the pants legs, Ellen let her panties slide down, exposing a slim five inch penis. Mike was a little curious, how it's small size, slimness preteen in nighties and the hairlessness made Ellen's penis look feminine. The head seemed so large, perched on a delicate shaft, at least compared to his. Ellen noticed his intense scrutiny of her preteen girks free nether regions. "You aren't going to freak out on me, are you? C'mon Mike, what are you thinking?" "It doesn't look like any ucranian preteens photos penis I've seen. I guess that's the hormones." "Really? Thanks to noughty nude preteens mom I've been too preteen nimphets afraid of boys and preteens underage I try to forget it's there." "Does it get hard?" russian hardcore preteen "When I have art modeling preteen to pee." "No, I preteen fucking boys mean when you fantasize." "What am I going to fantasies about? Thanks to the hormones I don't know what I am, let alone who or what I should be attracted to. My dreams aren't any solace, as crazy preteen sex even my subconscious can't decide if the penis doesn't belong or the tits!!" "Maybe it's both, or neither. But it's sad that you've never even been able to think about being with another person." Mike sat back in the seat and closed his eyes to think about all he'd heard and seen from Ellen. He recalled the girl he'd been preteen utube with for six months in Germany and all of her little quirks and thought Ellen wasn't as bad as that, or at least had a reason for her baggage. Mike opened his eyes and looked at Ellen. "Do you even find other people attractive? Movies, TV and such don't let you..." "Not really. I don't allow myself to think someone could like me." "I do." "For now." "I don't know. I seem to only have friendships nacked free preteen broken by my relocations. Even then I still keep in touch with a lot of people I've known." Ellen smiled at that. "Maybe I should get dressed. I don't preteen magazin feel comfortable talking here naked." "Because of your condition?" "Yes. funny preteen models And it is odd being naked and stared at by a gu... another person." "Oh. Right." Mike stood up and pulled off his shirt. "What are you doing, Mike?" "I never saw you preteen toplist tgp naked, preteen models undearwear it's only fair I return the favor." "That's weird. You don't have to." "No. But maybe it'll boost your self-image to sit naked with someone who doesn't care about your problem." "That's ridiculous." "Fine with me." Smiling he kicked off his shoes and wriggled out of his illeagal preteen jeans and jockeys, freeing his eight inch penis and pair of balls to Ellen's eyes. swedish preteens nude As he sat back on the couch, Ellen's eyes couldn't leave the organ that lay in Mike's crotch. "Wow, Mike, um, is that a natural..." "I don't see how it wouldn't be." "I guess the hormones did something to mine. The shaft is a muscle, and I don't have any development there..." " it's thin yeah. The estrogen or something must have knocked back your scrotum growth too." He moved his penis more up right. top hard preteen "Mine are a lot bigger than yours." Ellen took great fascination at seeing her first grown naked boy. She thought she could feel the estrogen guide her eyes over his broad shoulders, flat muscular chest and that odd organ that rested between his legs. She was so caught up that she failed to notice preteen toplist shocking something happening, but Mike picked up on it quickly. "Ellen, you've got an erection." "What?" "You've gotten hard." Ellen looked down and saw her penis was indeed poking straight up in the air. Embarrassed she started trying to shift positions so lollipop preteens it wouldn't be so noticeable. Finally she bent over and gathered her clothes. "No, Ellen. You preteen nude viewtopic nude nude preteen don't need to... I mean, you can. But, it was kinda cute to see someone blush on their entire body." Ellen looked down and saw how flushed her body was, how hot she felt. "But I was... I dunno... it's not like you could think of me sexually." "I dunno. I'm not as freaked out as you might think. And I think that my little head is doing too much thinking." russian nudes preteens "Hmmmm? Oh!" Ellen's inquiry was cut off by Mike's mouth finding hers after he quickly moved to the sofa. Months of isolation and this new bond released inside him as he kissed Ellen for her first time. He finally broke the kiss and sat next to her, looking a little embarrassed and apprehensive. "Um. Sorry.", Mike stammered. "Huh? preteen rompl ukrainian Oh. Yeah." Ellen flushed preteen nudist thumbs some more, which brought Mike's gaze to her breasts. "You aren't concerned about...", Ellen tapped her penis. preteen porn yahoo "I don't know if I could preteen sample pics do anything to it, but other than that, you're the first girl in months I've been close to and, well..." "Well?" "I guess if you wanted to see if you liked guys or such, we could..." "But now?" "My girlfriend when I was in Germany wouldn't use the pill but wanted private movies preteen to have sex. She wouldn't dream of me wearing a condom preteen nude boy and doing it that way either so..." "So?" "She'd use bbs preteendigest topkds a lubricant and I'd well, for lack of better words, butt-fuck her." vombat preteens "Oh. Did it hurt her?" "I don't know, but we did it lots and just the first few times did she, well did she sound like model preteen family it wasn't all fun." Ellen thought about it for a while, then reached with one hand to Mike's penis and the other grabbed his neck and brought him for a kiss. When they parted again Ellen whispered a "yes" to Mike. Mike took her hand dirty preteen sex and led her to his room. Kissing her he guided her down to his bed and had her lie down on her front. He feet preteen models reached into his nightstand and brought out a tube of personal lubricant and squirted some onto Ellen's asshole. With one hand he rubbed Ellen's neck and shoulder while he moved a finger into her ass. Ellen made small moans of pleasure as she became used to the intrusion and the feel of Mike's large hand rubbing her down. Finally Mike withdrew his finger and straddled Ellen, his engorged penis resting mini preteen modells between her buttocks as he leaned down to kiss her neck. He straightened up dark preteens gallery and put the head of her penis right videos model preteens at Ellen's well-lubed opening and started pushing in. Ellen groaned as Mike's penis began stretching and filling her anal opening. Finally she felt Mike's scrotum resting against her own preteen girls picturesw as he was fully inside. Slowly Mike began moving in and out, just little short strokes at first, but as Ellen's grunts transformed into moans of ecstasy, he lengthened his strokes. Soon Mike and Ellen were moving together, Mike's shaft pulling back and meeting Ellen's ass when he pushed back in. Pressed together with Mike's naked preteens viedos hands cupping Ellen's breasts, he rapidly plunged in and out of Ellen's bouncing bottom until he tensed up and surprised Ellen with blast after blast very beauty preteens of semen. At this final erotic feeling of Mike's hot liquid filling her bowel Ellen cried out and began squirting her forum preteen models own load into Mike's sheets. Exhausted, Mike collapsed on preteen fun top of Ellen. And as Mike became soft and slipped out of Ellen, she began to cry tears of happiness and made a silent prayer that her lonely days were over.
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